The Problem. Partially Resolved.

Well, in search of some kind of solution to the thorny issue of Vivaldi apparently crashing KDE when refreshing pages, I tried whatever browsers were available in my distro’s repos and settled (again) for Iceape, which is not perfect but does not seem to have the page refresh problem.

So I now have up to three browsers active on my desktop:

Primary browser was Vivaldi, largely because the Bookmarks were originally imported from Opera (old, very old!) and have developed in situ from there. But the constant crashing may have cost me a Seagate 1Tb drive and all of its contents…

Primary browser now is Iceape, which was originally Seamonkey from Mozilla. Not many extensions but what there is has been useful thus far, especially in terms of UI and web page colour customisation.

Secondary browser is Chromium. The reason for this is a persistent and strange piece of behaviour on the part of Vivaldi, which is that when I want to watch videos from EnigmaTV*, Vivaldi tries to download the file instead of streaming it. This would be in breach of the agreement between myself and Enigma, according to which you pay to watch, not to download…

Finally, on my main machine, Mozilla Firefox is working well but has been configured for use with I2P, and is therefore dedicated, although it runs fine on my other machines and has more extensions than Iceape.

Why Vivaldi should behave this way on this particular machine, I have no idea as it is fine on three others. Presumably there is a library missing, but I am not an expert in that regard, and cannot comment. But this arrangement now is effective and should not lead to further damage.

  • EnigmaTV:

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